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3:42:44 13/02/2019Banned from Dread (false alarm)


Blogs and Status Updates

Here you will find things like downtime notifications and blog updates by the owner of this service.
3:42:44 13/02/2019Banned from Dread (false alarm)
20:19:45 03/02/2019Quickcoke using ViewPVS
16:38:03 03/02/2019Suspend Services
2:50:06 16/01/2019Back online
12:45:38 11/01/2019Downtime soon, cock.li issues
3:01:02 11/01/2019Downtime Coming
3:03:45 18/12/2018The Future
6:43:38 17/12/2018Panic Reboot
18:52:06 11/12/2018Honeymoon
5:59:25 10/12/2018Better security for Infantile.us
6:37:39 09/12/2018PHP 7.2
19:15:05 02/12/2018Sunday downtime cured
5:29:34 16/11/2018Back into beta update
4:12:21 31/10/2018Why use someone else for hosting?
4:12:19 31/10/2018Unplanned outage
4:12:17 31/10/2018Typo and Sleep
4:12:15 31/10/2018Translations are Live!
4:12:13 31/10/2018Translations
4:12:08 31/10/2018Stable and Ready to serve!
4:12:06 31/10/2018Social Networking
4:12:04 31/10/2018Secmail Fucking Sucks
4:12:02 31/10/2018Running smooth but looking for trouble
4:12:00 31/10/2018Rainbow Dash
4:11:54 31/10/2018New GPG public key
4:11:52 31/10/2018New Email / Infantile Domain
4:11:50 31/10/2018Infantile Mail up and running
4:11:48 31/10/2018Infantile Mail is down
4:11:46 31/10/2018Infantile Mail back online
4:11:44 31/10/2018Installed Gentoo! (Hardened Infantile Mail)
4:11:41 31/10/2018Your onion identity.
4:11:38 31/10/2018Hardening Infantile Mail
4:11:36 31/10/2018Get ViewPVS cheap.
4:11:34 31/10/2018GCC 7.3.0 upgrade
4:11:32 31/10/2018French Translations
4:11:30 31/10/2018First Post
4:11:27 31/10/2018Downtime this weekend

I hope you found that informative.

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