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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.
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Traffic delays due to public works on Dec 31st - Jan 1st

Ah yes, I am going to be shutting down for New Years and working while celebrating a little. Honestly I've been a New Years shut in ever since all of the doomer generation use this one day to actually commit to a life goal. I would rather be in a coma for New Years than any social activity.

Therefore I will be shutting down the server to do a bunch of things. I will try my best to keep your sites up with a message about what I am doing. This will allow me to do some important things behind the scenes, and get a grip on some issues causing outages. As usual I can't talk about these issues, but one thing will be doing some tests of hardware and such and replacing anything old.

Anyway, I think New Year's is a good time for it because surely all vendors and customers which are important will be elsewhere partying. This day has been planned for quite some time. As has posting it just before Christmas.

Have a happy entire life, as if calling a day new gives you hope you don't have any, in reality. Rituals are hipsters, satanists, and Christians. Life is forever, so cherish it.

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