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User Policy

The policy for Kaizushi's Little Onion server is based on principles derived from the nature of the environment where it operates. The system is protected by a Tor Middlebox using virtual machines, hiding the servers location. It thus operates outside any jurisdiction of law enforcement. The purpose of this server is in protecting free speech and free trade. The principles of this policy are freedom, personal responsibility, and my own personal ethics.

The goal is to provide as much freedom as I can to users to protect their free-speech and ability to trade. However these are being protected by my own effort, thus my own personal ethics guide what is tolerated. However users are considered responsible for their content and are held responsible. Therefore the policy in simple terms is: freedom with respect to others freedoms. Freedom as an absolute principle, one might say.

Exploitation in any form against children is considered harm, thus child pornography is forbidden. Physical coercion of adults, such as hitman services or human trafficking are forbidden. Organising violent uprisings and riots are also forbidden. However users are allowed to use violence to preserve their moral conduct. Hence gangs are not forbidden, but terrorism is.

We also have respect for other hidden services and markets as a part of the user policy. Users are not allowed to impersonate others on the deep web, especially vendors. So no phishing, and no cloning of hidden services is permitted. Further phishing links where possible will be reported to the actual service being impersonated. Please have respect for the whole Tor network and don't ruin it for everyone.

You also are forbidden from anything that disrupts service to other customers. For instance if a DDOS attack brings down the server because of your phishing page, you're going to lose your account. However, you can get a VPS and become independent of other customers.

As a list of simple rules...

  • Users are reponsible for their accounts
  • Do not host child pornography.
  • No human trafficking.
  • No terrorist organizations.
  • No phishing or cloning allowed.
  • No disruption of service for other customers.
  • If you have any questions about these rules feel free to contact us.

2019 Kaizu Shibata, server time 2:16:11 16/02/19 UTC

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