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Account FAQ

This an an FAQ for account holders about the CYRUSERV webserver, its quirks and configuration.

It doesn't seem to notice my htaccess, how to I get it working?

The server doesn't run Apache, it runs nginx. There is an issue here where an nginx config file if I let you just put them there would create a security problem. Users if they had access would be able to break the server. There is a friendly web based htaccess converter. Just send me the nginx config you want.

I don't know what I'm doing with the nginx config.

You can just ask me for things and want you want and I should be able to do it. There are lots of things I can do, a simple thing being enabling a subdomain. I can also find an nginx config out there on the web usually if you want clean URLs with your site and it uses something open source and ubiquitous.

How do I get all my domains to use the same webdir?

You just have to ask and we will adjust the nginx config. Typically a new account gets a V3 address and two V2 addresses. We can make these all exist in the same nginx server block and each domain will get to your site. Just contact us!

My PHP code isn't working for some reason, why?

Unlike most hosting providers we generally run the latest and greatest PHP. It pays to keep track of depreciations, you should make a script with phpinfo() to know what you need. At the time of writing we are running PHP 7.3.

How do I get an error log with PHP?

We can enable one for you, they are not enabled by default, and it will be in your home directory and called php-fpm.log - the file doesn't start to exist until an error as occured.

I can't reach the hidden service for the SFTP/SSH server

You should try a new tor circuit and connect again. Check that this site is up, sometimes there is downtime.

Can I get a nice control panel?

On our SELinux server we have not found one that works properly. You can use WinSCP or if you are on Mac or Linux just some kind of file browser, they usually have SSH. We might one day make our own control panel, but it probably won't do files.

My PHP script can't read a file in my home directory, why?

SELinux has PHP running in a special context, and I would need to audit such access. You should try to keep files in your webdir in /var/www and not /home. Your shell account and SFTP access can always change the webdir.

How do I get my PHP script to send email?

We have postfix on the web stack where your account is. However it has no authentication scheme like SPF and DKIM. There is however the Infantile mail server. You have to buy an account with Infantile, or you can get your own SMTP provider somewher else. You need to get an account on Infantile so SPF works properly. Without a good SMTP provider (such as Infantile) your emails will probably be seen as spam.

What is this site-software folder in my home directory?

That is a folder I've created to install your site for you as you requested. I extract the software there or clone a git, and then copy it to your webdir.

I have been hacked and my site is different, what can I do?

You can use yourself the many malware removal tools that exist out there. Many content management systems have extensions which check for malware. Unfortunately many of these extensions use a third-party site to scan your site remotely, but they don't know what an onion domain is and can't reach us.

There is a nice malware scanner on github. You could run it yourself, but watch out for false postives. Used right it shows the line of code that is suspect, and you can check this line of code.

You can get me to run that script for you and remove the malware. It will cost you depending on how complicated the malware is and how much is compromised. I can usually cheaply make the malware useless and remove the code that allows command and control of it.

Where is phpmyadmin?

Email me and find out, we don't want to expose it to the whole world.

I can't write files to my home directory, why?

SELinux stops your PHP apps from touching your homedir. The workaround is to access the PHP from your SSH shell account and even cron. This way tools to recover your site in your homedir maintain integrity from exploits against your site. I recommend extracting and git cloning software into your homedir and copying it with SSH to the webdirs.

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