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8:42:46 08/07/2024Disruption for important update on 8th of July

Business for sale $1,000,000 USD XMR (kind of a joke, kind of not)

Join the KLOS Community Forum to chat darkweb. (i2p helper)
We also sponsor Juvenile, a links list and communications server.


You can either contact the owner kaizushi or the staff member ch3ir4c0n45. For registrations and account management contact kaizushi, if you do not know English contact ch3ir4c0n45. If you are unsure, contact us both.

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General Enquiries

There is no GPG key for this address, it is just for general sales advice and information about our services.

Email: enquiries@kloshost.online


Tech support, registration, and more.

I no longer provide XMPP details because of spam. Request them through Pygmalion's Refuge or through the email below...

Session ID: 05938f19cddb4b0f8332771319c2ea4d4c1ff1813c54009fb2ea82aff3f1353a67


  • kaizushi@infantile.us
  • kaizushi@cock.li
  • kaizushi@riseup.net
  • kaizushi@infantile.xyz

Please use the primary address kaizushi@infantile.us.

Clear-signed verification of the new key expiry for kaizushi@cock.li (text in browser)

PGP keys for email can be downloaded for kaizushi (text in browser). In this all of my keys sign all of my keys, and you can use this for consensus of how many sign how many. I have also with this update included the key kaizushi@riseup.net for additional consensus.


Tech support in other languages.

Onion XMPP: ch3ir4c0n45@infantilefb6ovh4.onion

OMEMO: 8A6102D9 C74064B2 A6D4F3A8 DA9637DB 2E74031F 70DE02F5 4347A227 D28F3534

OMEMO: 4D5A5CE9 A7AB9397 2C09B71C 2311B036 7F40F733 82D16769 4BC59DEF B3F5E04A

OMEMO: A1E4452B 78CFC0DA 653E12B6 D846F3FA 2C1B63F0 28F7B06F 2262B04F 097DFF12

OMEMO: BBDB8CA0 FD11B06F B4A47F9D 23958E38 3906FC75 1E94D7BF EC960D1A A0817318

OMEMO: 50C748BC 2C48857F AB8AE20F 07B4DB8F E9543705 72FDC189 AB8629C2 90D05419

Email: ch3ir4c0n45@infantile.us

PGP keys for email can be downloaded for ch3ir4c0n45.

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