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You can either contact the owner kaizushi or the staff member ch3ir4c0n45. For registrations and account management contact kaizushi, if you do not know English contact ch3ir4c0n45. If you are unsure, contact us both.

General Enquiries

There is no GPG key for this address, it is just for general sales advice and information about our services.

Email: enquiries@kloshost.online


Tech support, registration, and more.

Clearnet XMPP: kaizushi@xmpp.jp kaizushi@404.city

OMEMO: 9AC0F57A 5FA1FD94 ADC9F42C FF359777 79887884 A719DC72 44A93C7E 4B407170

OMEMO: 104E03D5 6CF51D2C 16E8BCBA 2F5F667F E0A602AF 4DC2554A AEA31750 79FCED77

Onion XMPP: kaizushi@infantilefb6ovh4.onion

OMEMO: 8C79CDD7 CB49C1FD 1BBA61AD E8F7F5FE F2967CC5 F916E15F 941723DF 3EF11266

OMEMO: 1CFD272A CB2698DE E67A64CB FDC955EA 4AC4349F DA715BC7 07E0E4B2 B5D1D467


  • kaizushi@infantile.us
  • kaizushi@cock.li
  • kaizushi@secmail.pro

PGP keys for email can be downloaded for kaizushi.


Tech support in other languages.

Onion XMPP: ch3ir4c0n45@infantilefb6ovh4.onion

OMEMO: 4D5A5CE9 A7AB9397 2C09B71C 2311B036 7F40F733 82D16769 4BC59DEF B3F5E04A

OMEMO: 3244077C D9977A1D 178F5157 B12E8A92 C7034BF3 270D21AA 04946B51 8161D16F

OMEMO: 9FB579B3 B292AC55 BB681441 162B52D1 C03D65A2 2327792D 84BED1D7 F285FE7B

Email: ch3ir4c0n45@infantile.us

PGP keys for email can be downloaded for ch3ir4c0n45.

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