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Server crash, XMPP down (updated)

I had a server crash recently and have brought everything online. The crash happened while I was sleeping, and so it was for quite some time. There is also an issue with the XMPP server where a hacker has disabled and compromised it.

The Juvenile network uses ejabberd for XMPP and it is pretty solid. In fact, it actually is still working and handling connections. The software is written in Erlang, where every bit of code defines a concurrent process that handles a network connection. This generally means that problems and bugs stay within these processes.

There is an error message when it tries to do anything and it is strange, and there is basically a message hidden inside. The message basically says that it has failed to open a file with '/dev/null' in the path. I believe this means the hacker thinks there are issues with the servers amnesia.

I am working on fixing the server, and I am confident the attacker does not want anything but more safety for my users. It does not appear to be motivated by any desire to harm my users or my service, but actually the opposite. If you are reading this, my clever compatriot, I really respect your skill and it is obvious something is very wrong for this to happen.

I do not have a timeframe on when it will be back up.

Update: The XMPP server has been fixed and should be bug free for a very long time. Sorry about the down time, fellow degens who use Juvenile.

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