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We have a channel on freenode now ##kloshost and /d/kloshost on Dread. You can find the owner on Atlayo and email and XMPP.

To get hosting contact Kaizushi for English and t3chno for the languages listed at the top of the page.

This is a hosting service with a shared server accessible with SSH/SFTP, and also VPS servers with root access. We do software management and offer ViewPVS, a private vendor store. We can help you promote your brand and sell your products.

Hosting starting at $12 USD a month, ViewPVS install for $270 and maintained for $90-$15 per month, Virtual Private Servers starting at $25 per month. Shell accounts starting at $18 for 3 months. Managed services starting at only $10 a month.

We run a few servers for different parts of our enterprise. Infantile mail, shell accounts, and the shared web stack are all running on customised gentoo servers streamlined for their task. A broad scope of libraries on the stack allow for many frameworks to be used. If it has a Gentoo overlay or otherwise is installable as open source, we can support it.

Webserver runs nginx with php-fpm, mariadb, and can reverse proxy to various frameworks like Flask, Django, Ruby on Rails, and various FastCGI framworks. We are generous in pool size with PHP-FPM and we have no MySQL quota but the user policy resource depletion causing system failure is forbidden.

We offer management of services as of August 2018. We can manage forums, drupal, wordpress, woocomerce, and CentOS, Debian, or Gentoo on our virtual private servers. Your VPS can be just like your hosting.

Our user policy forbids child pornography, your site going down because of someone elses, and exploitation material. We audit users accounts to check for signs of things like CP trading. It is not in our self interest too and thus we don't worry about users scamming. However we do not allow phishing of deep web vendors and markets.

We offer support with software, particularly open source things like phpBB, SimpleMachines Forum, MediaWiki, Drupal, etc.

Service offered for free speech and free trade purposes.

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