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Where the loli is from

People have been sharing a link to this host in my images directory where where you can see a lolicon girl. People want to know where the image file was used on my site and in what context. I thought I would show people how to answer the question themselves with the Linux shell and the tools grep and wget. I tested this myself on my own shell accounts server.

I thought I should do this is its own directory.

$ mkdir lolihunt
$ cd lolihunt

The first step is to do a recursive wget, this takes a while because I have made so many blogs...

$ wget --recursive --no-parent http://kaizushih5iec2mxohpvbt5uaapqdnbluaasa2cmsrrjtwrbx46cnaid.onion/

Then we simply want to do a search for occurances of loli.png recursively through all of the results of the above...

$ grep -rnw 'kaizushih5iec2mxohpvbt5uaapqdnbluaasa2cmsrrjtwrbx46cnaid.onion' -e "loli.png"

The output from the above command (but I trimmed out the HTML to make creating this blog easier)...


This shows what file matched the search paramaters and what line it occured on.

As you can see, loli.png was used in this blog post where I discuss content policy.

And yes, loli is still fine. The user policy is about human exploitation, not drawings.

Loli is still fine!

These rules were developed while I was still new to western society when I posted that blog in 2020. Keep in mind I used the term pornography referring to nudity not just sexual acts, and I would not anymore. Despite such a low bar standard of 15 years old I have had zero people come to me for hosting such content.

I have thought of updating the user policy to have a rule against people with intentionally bad OPSEC such as pictures of their body and face alongside any illegal behaviour. Yet I do not need to because self-interest alone rules that sort of thing pretty well. And why should snapchat get all the naked teenagers when I could make a buck?

The rule is based on my own standards as a woman simply thinking back to when I might like to have a nude photo and would be able to consent to that. Despite what the user policy and that old blog post says if a sexual act was involved I might change policy. I chose the picture above because of what her hand is saying, because I honestly hav no specific interests here. If you have these interests you should probably get out of the house more, find a nice lady, and marry her.

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