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Our services exist with the following specifications.


  • 7th Gen Xeon CPUs
  • Gentoo GNU/Linux hardened
  • SELinux targeted policy
  • GCC 7.3.0 with hardening used to build system, SSP and PIE
  • System team audited with a canary for authenticated verification of server security.

Administrative Facilities

  • phpmyadmin - mysql database administration
  • usermin - general purpose account managment
  • ssh shell - GNU/Linux bash shell environment
  • custom shell - Your shell of choice installed from Gentoo portage
  • webmin - VPS servers with webmin as the part of any OS install of a webmin compatible OS
  • console - Your spice console of your QEMU/KVM VPS server (coming soon)


  • middlebox protected using netfilter and Tor's transparent proxy
  • offshore server as relay and proxy for many services including for KLOS
  • ejabberd IRC server with BOSH, MUC, STARTTLS
  • virtual mail server for @infantile.xyz and @infantile.us
  • currently running unrealircd

KLOS Web Stack

  • Gentoo Hardened system with SELinux
  • nginx webserver with naxsi
  • MariaDB database server
  • PHP fast process manager
  • Django, Rails, and other nginx forwards
  • SSH dynamic port forward SOCKS proxy for access via Infantile's offshore proxy
  • Will install software and libraries available in Gentoo portage
  • Vanity onion addresses

Shell accounts

  • SSH based access and Usermin access
  • Gentoo Hardened System, SELinux, grsec
  • Friendly amounts of resources, cgroup based, efficient limits.
  • Will install software and libraries available in Gentoo portage
  • You can get a hidden service with ports forwarded


  • Multi-user GNU/Screen configuration for group development with support from KLOS
  • infantile.xyz subdomain forwarding to KLOS for hosting of clearnet ghost sites
  • Installation of Drupal and various Drupal features
  • Support for various CMS systems such as Wordpress and Drupal.
  • Private vendor stores using Wordpress/WooCommerce.
  • Integration of IRC/XMPP/MAIL services with Infantile.
  • Support and installation for picosite.

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