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10:24:17 19/06/2024Important updates applied on June 19th

I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Price List

This is an example price list not showing old items hopefully.

Other than what is here you can buy lots of things, as long as they fit my skills and resources. You will find me formidable at things.

LTC 12:55:28 19/06/2024: $73.76
XMR 12:55:28 19/06/2024: $169.52
Name of ItemPriceLitecoin costMonero cost
Port Forward$5LTC: 0.067787XMR: 0.029495
1 Month of hosting$12LTC: 0.162690XMR: 0.070788
3 Months of hosting$34LTC: 0.460954XMR: 0.200566
6 Months of hosting$65LTC: 0.881236XMR: 0.383436
12 Months of hosting$115LTC: 1.559111XMR: 0.678386
6 Months of relaying$105LTC: 1.423536XMR: 0.619396
12 Months of relaying$190LTC: 2.575922XMR: 1.120812
1 Month of shell$8LTC: 0.108460XMR: 0.047192
3 Months of shell$22LTC: 0.298265XMR: 0.129778
6 Months of shell$40LTC: 0.542299XMR: 0.235960
12 Months of shell$75LTC: 1.016811XMR: 0.442426
ViewPVS Install$550LTC: 7.456616XMR: 3.244455
phpBB Install$25LTC: 0.338937XMR: 0.147475
SMF Install$25LTC: 0.338937XMR: 0.147475
Mediawiki Install$25LTC: 0.338937XMR: 0.147475
Wordpress Install$25LTC: 0.338937XMR: 0.147475
Minimum VPS$25LTC: 0.338937XMR: 0.147475

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