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4:15:47 29/07/2019Back online


Blogs y Actualizaciones de Estado

Aquí encontrarás información como notificaciones sobre momentos de desconexión (downtime notifications) y las actualizaciones del blog por parte de la propiedad del servicio.
4:15:47 29/07/2019Back online
7:46:02 27/07/2019We have secure erase MySQL
10:28:29 19/07/2019I've four words for ya
4:00:29 14/07/2019Clearweb Access Stable
9:40:52 27/06/2019Final Solution to TCP clearweb access
13:41:02 11/06/2019Going Offline (back online)
7:12:34 11/06/2019Infantile & Shells Outage
19:24:47 30/05/2019We are back online early
9:02:58 26/05/2019New Secmail Keys
3:34:29 13/05/2019Things are getting busy
6:54:32 08/05/2019GCC upgrade related downtime
4:18:27 03/05/2019ViewPVS price increase
10:27:04 30/04/2019Hosting account sale
3:55:20 29/04/2019Comrpomised Customers
13:56:06 20/04/2019Growing interest
3:26:10 17/04/2019User Policy Update
1:55:12 09/04/2019Security related downtime
16:32:49 04/04/2019Infantile Mail back online
9:18:18 25/03/2019Update PuTTY
5:27:32 19/03/2019The great spill of 2019
1:41:44 16/03/2019Age of Consent
11:13:52 05/03/2019Onion V3 addresses
17:00:27 25/02/2019Free accounts for devs in our lab
2:24:28 25/02/2019GCC innovations being researched
9:43:54 18/02/2019Why I do this
3:26:37 13/02/2019Banned from Dread (false alarm)
20:19:35 03/02/2019Quickcoke using ViewPVS
16:37:54 03/02/2019Suspend Services
12:45:19 11/01/2019Downtime soon, cock.li issues
3:00:43 11/01/2019Downtime Coming
3:03:02 18/12/2018The Future
6:43:29 17/12/2018Panic Reboot
18:50:21 11/12/2018Honeymoon
5:59:15 10/12/2018Better security for Infantile.us
6:37:30 09/12/2018PHP 7.2
19:14:57 02/12/2018Sunday downtime cured
5:29:12 16/11/2018Back into beta update
3:48:52 21/10/2018Installed Gentoo! (Hardened Infantile Mail)
17:32:50 05/10/2018Secmail Fucking Sucks
20:44:48 30/09/2018Hardening Infantile Mail
8:43:30 04/09/2018Rainbow Dash
21:15:11 02/09/2018Your onion identity.
14:07:55 30/08/2018Social Networking
5:37:15 18/08/2018New Email / Infantile Domain
3:54:41 12/08/2018French Translations
23:20:07 09/08/2018Unplanned outage
8:51:25 31/07/2018Running smooth but looking for trouble
7:00:45 27/07/2018Downtime this weekend
11:25:48 25/07/2018Why use someone else for hosting?
3:41:09 16/07/2018Get ViewPVS cheap.
8:50:59 07/07/2018Translations are Live!
12:33:52 05/07/2018GCC 7.3.0 upgrade
7:09:27 05/07/2018Typo and Sleep
13:06:31 27/06/2018Infantile Mail back online
23:08:00 25/06/2018Infantile Mail is down
3:08:57 22/06/2018Translations
15:26:06 04/06/2018Stable and Ready to serve!
22:25:12 31/05/2018New GPG public key
12:46:56 31/05/2018Infantile Mail up and running
12:42:06 26/05/2018First Post

Espero que la información te haya sido útil.

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