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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.
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Running smooth but looking for trouble

Things are running smooth at KLOS after the planned downtime on the weekend. Sorry I wasn't able to keep the downtime within the four hour timeframe I announced.

I've been trying to make things better and that has been a success. We no longer use Tor for non-onions on KLOS servers, and DNSSEC on everything including infantile is around the corner.

There are some new features coming to infantile mail/XMPP which should allow the XMPP server to reach the clearnet, and likewise, for the mail server to reach services like Torbox. Only a few items of knowledge remain to be acquired by myself.

Looking for trouble!

I am looking for pentesters though I can only pay in a clearsigned endorsement you can use on your deep web resume. By the way if you are looking for jobs there is /d/Jobs4Crypto on Dredd.

To get your endorsement you must: breach intended security features, provide a PoC or working exploit, and explain how it is fixed using reason. By reason I mean the fix must be fully explained and rely on no faith on my part.

In return you get a GPG signed endorsement you can share with prospective employers and such.

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