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Shell Accounts

Your user friendly UNIX server at your service

You can get a shell account on our Gentoo Hardened system at low cost, and use it for anything you want that doesn't involve violence. The server even has a SOCKS proxy to the clearnet via our infantile relays.

It's much like the shared webserver but on a seperate system which is much lighter with less compiler optimizations. Unlike the shared web server you can create your own executable files.


  • Gentoo Hardened with SELinux operating system
  • Clearnet access behind SOCKS proxy
  • Full build environment available
  • PHP 7.1.x CLI, Perl, Python 2/3, Ruby, Java, and more
  • Staff willing to add open source software if its in Gentoo portage.

Accounts are $7 USD for one month, $18 for three months, $40 for six months.

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