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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What limits are on your server?

Basically your site can grow as much as it wants until that starts to effect service to other users. You're not quite unlimited in resources, but we don't use quotas. We do have climits and such limiting user memory usage.

Will you write a DNM for me please?

Get a frontend developer, I am a backend guy myself. Besides, if you think you can just hire some coders to do this you are being silly. I might start a DNM and no I don't want you running on it. I don't want to work for an idiots get rich quick scheme. However, to get rich on my own is another matter...

You're Occulus Omega! You're Cyrus the Great! What the fuck?

I am not either of these two people, notably unlike them I have internal genitals. We're all Ayn Rand fans however and we have a exclusive little place to chat. We share a lot of ideas and communicate. Occulus is someone I know IRL.

What kind of support do I get with my account?

You get support with errors the server throws at you, some tips on using SELinux and even the shell a little. I also am happy to install Gentoo ebuilds such as PHP modules and such.

Can you install some web software for me such as phpBB so I don't have to mess around with permissions and stuff?

Certainly, I charge between $25-$50 for this.

Can you design me a website?

I can configure Wordpress and Drupal as your site and you can pick a template online that I can install for you. If you want premium templates I'm not buying them for you?

Please sir, make me a DNM!

No, and that wasn't a question!

Can I have my own private XMPP server?

If you get a VPS I might do this for a price.

Do you host pornography?

Pornography in the middle east of adults is punished more severely than child pornograpy in the west. I am happy to host things like this regarding consenting adults.

I know I can't have CP but is all pedo content banned?

Just the material and products from the exploitation of children. You have free speech, and can host anything artistic. As long as you don't threaten to blow people up for your cause you can try starting your pedo acceptance revolution here. I don't really care.

What do you think of your competition?

TorVPS and Chen are respectable, I like Chen the most. I use SELinux, Chen last I heard uses grsecurity RBAC, last I heard. I like to think of myself a bit more brave and willing to take the heat from law enforcement than these providers. I also have the resources of fake ID to get bigger servers which require it.

How long do you plan to be doing this?

Until the server is a smoking ruin or I am dead. I am not afraid of consquences , there would be no joy in this without them actually. I'm here in for the long term to protect free speech. I believe a dark period is going to befall us, and I am going to turn to lights back on. I am going to give people a place they can communicate and share without fear.

Why do you do this, why for so little money?

I am in an interesting situation where it is better to work on the dark web than at some 9 to 5 job. I also get to make all the choices here, and get blamed for things that are actually my fault.

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