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ViewPVS vendor store

ViewPVS is my vendor store offering, which is a limited adaption of Wordpress WooCommerce to vending. It allows for XMR and BTC vendor stores for products, and does not use site wallets. Instead it just keeps view of specific addresses on the blockchain. It is about your customers reaching you with PGP encrypted address information to conduct business securely. I do not encourage reckless or destructive use of the platform, and take heed to contact me about changes that change the codebase such as plugins.

It costs $550!

Installation of ViewPVS and your first month of hosting and support are $550.

I tend to send people the following marketing information...

My vendor store offering is called ViewPVS and it is an adaption of
Wordpress WooCommerce to darkweb vending. It supports Monero by use of
a master address and secret viewkey which is used to check if orders
have been paid. Bitcoin is now supported and can use a BIP-44 'master
public key' to generate addresses and check for payments. The actual
transfers go directly to your wallet.

I do not work for a percentage and the price of a ViewPVS install is
now $550 USD. This covers your first month of hosting and support for
your store. Hosting is $12 a month and support is $115 a month, and
also support is optional. You might be able to manage your store on
your own and not use support. There are discounts if you buy three,
six, and twelve months of support.

Support covers all the Wordpress modules and features which I include
in your ViewPVS install. I am also happy to install extra modules to
adapt the ViewPVS to different situations, as long as the problems are
possible. I can also integrate your vendor store with email after the
install at a price.

The software being based on Wordpress involves Javascript in some of
it's features. However, if customers use XMR the software works fine
for customers to order without it. However the admin dashboard you use
to control your site does require JS, as do payments not using Monero.
I also assure you that this is not as bad as it sounds.

Javascript is not the issue it once was, and is now enabled by default
in the Tor Browser Bundle. The improved security comes from Firefox
using a multi-process model, sandboxing features, and hardening of its
'spidermonkey' scripting engine. Further, one can ensure against these
kind of attacks by using Whonix when operating their ViewPVS store. In
fact my servers are Whonix-like where Tor and hosting are done on
isolated systems. This allows me to run anyone elses code! 

If you want to get right on with it, just ask for an invoice and then I
can send it and you can pay and I'll get to work on your store quickly.

If you are interested contact kaizushi with any question to start your discussion today and get a vendor store.

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