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I cook a delicious onion stew, without any chilli peppers.

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Private exit using SSH with KLOS shell

On a KLOS shell account there is an autossh service providing a connection through the Infantile relay, into the deep web. Shell account users can access this service on localhost port 1080. With this you can avoid the perilous and tedious world of Tor exits.

You can do this by installing autossh.

$ sudo apt-get install autossh
$ torsocks autossh -M 0 -fN proxygx4y2qdola3.onion -l shelluser -D 1080

You should replace proxygx4y2qdola3.onion with the onion for SSH provided with your account. You should replace shelluser with your username. It will require your password or use SSH pubkey auth.

It should be running, lets check if it is.

$ ps auxZ | grep proxy | grep autossh

The command above should output information about the autossh process.

If you see that information you are connected.

In Firefox Portable, under "Network" settings you can set localhost port 1080 as your SOCKS proxy.

You must go into the Config Editor and simply type to search for "blockDotOnion" and turn it off.

Your browser should now access sites through the infantile relay. Your IP should appear to be this relay.

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