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3:42:44 13/02/2019Banned from Dread (false alarm)

Shell accounts with PuTTY on Windows.

This guide assumes you have the Tor browser running, and that you can read this guide with it. If you can't get it to do that check your clock is in sync and all the usual stuff.

Download and install the latest version of PuTTY. Once you have done this run it and you will see a Window like this.

You then can enter the host you wish to connect to for your shell or hosting account.
Hosting: kaiwebbj7pdpxpoi.onion
Shells: shellsdwy2vn7vsr.onion

Hostname entered for the KLOS web stack.

Hostname entered for the KLOS shell account server.

Now you click proxy on the sidebar, and enter these settings...

  • type: SOCKS5
  • host: localhost
  • port: 9150
  • DNS: DNS lookups through proxy

Those settings will make the window look like this...

Now go back to Session at the top of the sidebar and under saved sessions enter a name and save it.

You can now double click the session you have saved or select it and click connect.

It will take some time to establish a connection to the server and you will be prompted for fingerprint verfification.

Above is the fingerprint you should see for shell accounts.

Above is the fingerprint you should see for the web server.

If the fingerprints are not the name contact us immediately.

You can now login, which looks like this for my own shell account.

You can now start hosting or hacking though a KLOS shell. The most user friendly UNIX system on the dark web!

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